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Removing self-doubt from your life

by Cristina Barcelo, Energy Healer

Self-doubt is a big component of why we feel stuck at times. We dream, we make plans, but many times we don’t reach any real results. As a consequence, we stop trying, and lose interest, we become lazy in being the best that we can be. This is all because when we have self-doubt we see only our flaws and weaknesses instead of having confidence in our abilities and positive traits. Basically, we see what is going wrong instead of focusing on what is going right.
Energetically speaking, self-doubt can concentrate in our solar plexus and what happens here is that the energy we have in there begins to shift and create a blockage. We call blockages to energy that is stuck and doesn’t flow through the body because it only concentrates in an area and has a ripple of other effects in your body. When an area of the body gets stuck it can affect us emotionally or physically. When we have self-doubt we may feel insecure and with low self-esteem; moreover, we can …

New year, new vibes!

The beginning of a new year is a great way to start fresh and tackle new life goals!

By Cristina Barcelo, Energy Healer
Every year we set new resolutions but we seem to have difficulties completing them. Moreover, we feel incomplete or disappointed in ourselves for not reaching our expectations. Begin the year with new vibes by changing the complicated resolutions to three simple practices. It consists on taking each day as it comes, write daily to-do lists, and practice positive thinking. Combing these steps will help you to reduce anxieties of future stuff that might or might not happen, organize your life, and maintain a positive spirit at all times.
Having bills, engagements, and daily issues to deal with may put us in a place where we overanalyze or over-worry about situations. The more we worry, the more drained we may feel. Additionally, it makes us more vulnerable to negative energy to enter our path. We can reduce the chances of getting anxious for future stuff by remaining as p…