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Improve your mood by feeding your soul

by Cristina Barcelo, Energy Healer

Our mood is constantly guided by our mental and emotional wellbeing. If we feel stressed, sad, anxious, or worried chances are that it will be affected. Not only does our mental/emotional aspect of the body may be impacted but also our physical body may feel the weight of our mood. For example, when we feel down or sad, many times we get physically tired or fatigued. It is also influenced by the environment we live in. If you live in constant tension and never release it you might be in a constant "bad" mood. Lastly, but not limited to, our mood may get triggered negatively whenever a stressful unresolved event happens to us. Whenever a bad memory gets triggered, or when we remember a piece or the entire stressful event our mood tends to merge its state from how we felt then with how we feel now. 

There are people who are able to have a better grasp of their mood, such as, being able to stay content no matter how many obstacles were encountered during the day. While others break down allowing the obstacles to take over their mood. This depends on everyone's ego-stregth, life skills, personality traits, and current mental/emotional state at that time. Our body tells us directly what we need to feel better but we are too busy to listen. We shut down the communication with ourselves on a daily basis thinking there is not time to do this or that. Not knowing that suppressing the body's voice can lead to emotional/mental/spiritual or physical blockages which can contribute to illnesses. In other words, when we don't do stuff that makes us happy our mood deteriorates. 

Remember as a child when you went to the park, the beach, or a pool, and felt like it was the best day ever?! Or when you heard a song you loved and automatically started to sing and dance to it? Or when you went out and ate your favorite plate of food? Feeding our soul is doing things to make our entire being happy which quickly impact our mood into a more positive state. Just like when we were children, whenever we did something that made us happy or brought us joy, our mood transformed into a happier state. 

Take a minute to sit down and rewind your life into last week. Notice how many times you allowed a stressful situation to control your mood and how long it took you to improve your mood into a more content state. Thus far, have you been able to improve your mood into a place where you feel good about yourself? (Rate it! From 1-10 how good you feel about yourself, 10 being the greatest). Continue looking back and notice if you've ever done anything to help improve your mood at the time it needed love and attention, or did you fall into the negative thinking chain and allowed your mood to be controlled by the obstacles at hand?

Here I have listed a few recommendations of things that you can do to help improve your mood & feed your soul. Feel free to add your own healthy activity or practices that you know work for you, as we are all different. Try to do one per day as minimum and if you can journal what you notice about your mood whenever your engage in that particular activity. Ask yourself: Does this activity helps to improve my mood? How much time do I need to do it? How many days should I practice this activity for it to work?
Begin to transform your mood into a happier and lighter one on a daily basis! By surrendering and releasing the things you cannot control and taking control over the things you can, you will feed your soul and live a more balanced life.



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