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Learning about Reiki...

by Cristina Barcelo, Energy Healer

Reiki is defined as universal life energy and it's main purpose is to help the body heal. Reiki combines the Japanese words: "rei" (universal life) and "ki" (energy). It helps to heal the body, mind, and spirit by balancing the energy flows of each chakra. The Reiki energy travels through the body encouraging the body's own healing mechanisms as it also creates a deep sense of relaxation. Some of the benefits of receiving Reiki are to create deep relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing.

A certified Reiki practitioner performs it and there are three levels of Reiki practitioners. On the first level, the practitioner learns about Reiki, the history, and getsattuned with the Reiki energy. On the second level, the Reiki practitioner gets attuned with the three sacred symbols and learns how to apply them on a session. On Reiki level three the person gets attuned with the…