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Train your brain...

by Cristina Barcelo, Energy Healer Our brain is a powerful tool. If we train our brain to think positively on a daily basis, chances are that we will have a more positive outlook in life. We tend to attract the energy we carry...and with that thought in mind, I invite you to the practice of thinking happy thoughts!
To begin this practice I encourage you to write 5-10 things that make you happy or that you are happy about. Try to include people, memories/situations, places, and positive traits about you or about life itself. The more you write and continue to add, the more happiness you will invite into your life.
Example: 1-I'm happy to have the family I have 2-I'm happy to have lived such a wonderful childhood 3- I'm happy to know I can count on my friends and they can count on me 4- I am happy to have become such a strong person 5- I am happy for the home I have created Etc....

Now, keep this list close to you and read it once a day. Add more items at any given moment. The more th…