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Improve your mood by feeding your soul

by Cristina Barcelo, Energy Healer

Our mood is constantly guided by our mental and emotional wellbeing. If we feel stressed, sad, anxious, or worried chances are that it will be affected. Not only does our mental/emotional aspect of the body may be impacted but also our physical body may feel the weight of our mood. For example, when we feel down or sad, many times we get physically tired or fatigued. It is also influenced by the environment we live in. If you live in constant tension and never release it you might be in a constant "bad" mood. Lastly, but not limited to, our mood may get triggered negatively whenever a stressful unresolved event happens to us. Whenever a bad memory gets triggered, or when we remember a piece or the entire stressful event our mood tends to merge its state from how we felt then with how we feel now. 
There are people who are able to have a better grasp of their mood, such as, being able to stay content no matter how many obstacles were encounter…

What is a Reiki Healing Circle?

by Cristina Barcelo, Energy Healer

A Reiki Healing Circle is a gathering of people, preferably in the shape of a circle with the intention of healing. The circle represents life’s continuation, with no beginning and no end. Each healing circle is uniquely created based upon the intentions and goals of the group. When you participate in a Reiki Healing Circle you receive universal energy to help release energetic blockages caused by stress and traumas and to bring balance to your body. By participating in this practice as a group, the energetic force tends to be more powerful as bigger amounts of energy are being released and transformed into love and light. 

What to expect? When you go to a circle you may be required to sit or lay on the floor so it is always good to be dressed comfortably. They usually last from one hour to one hour and a half if there is a big group. Many times the practitioner utilizes different meditation styles to help induce clients into a meditative state which ai…

Learning about Reiki...

by Cristina Barcelo, Energy Healer

Reiki is defined as universal life energy and it's main purpose is to help the body heal. Reiki combines the Japanese words: "rei" (universal life) and "ki" (energy). It helps to heal the body, mind, and spirit by balancing the energy flows of each chakra. The Reiki energy travels through the body encouraging the body's own healing mechanisms as it also creates a deep sense of relaxation. Some of the benefits of receiving Reiki are to create deep relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing.

A certified Reiki practitioner performs it and there are three levels of Reiki practitioners. On the first level, the practitioner learns about Reiki, the history, and getsattuned with the Reiki energy. On the second level, the Reiki practitioner gets attuned with the three sacred symbols and learns how to apply them on a session. On Reiki level three the person gets attuned with the…

Train your brain...

by Cristina Barcelo, Energy Healer Our brain is a powerful tool. If we train our brain to think positively on a daily basis, chances are that we will have a more positive outlook in life. We tend to attract the energy we carry...and with that thought in mind, I invite you to the practice of thinking happy thoughts!
To begin this practice I encourage you to write 5-10 things that make you happy or that you are happy about. Try to include people, memories/situations, places, and positive traits about you or about life itself. The more you write and continue to add, the more happiness you will invite into your life.
Example: 1-I'm happy to have the family I have 2-I'm happy to have lived such a wonderful childhood 3- I'm happy to know I can count on my friends and they can count on me 4- I am happy to have become such a strong person 5- I am happy for the home I have created Etc....

Now, keep this list close to you and read it once a day. Add more items at any given moment. The more th…

Letting go ceremony

by Cristina Barcelo, Energy Healer

An exercise to release unwanted energy.

In order to walk a lighter path, it is important to stop and reflect on the things that may be causing a heavy burden in our lives and release them. The Letting go ceremony is an exercise based on intention and visualization about what we want for ourselves. What we want to let go and what we want to attract. 
What you will need for the ceremony: -an open heart and mind -2 pieces of paper -a pen -a nonflammable bowl -matches or lighter -sage or palo santo -a glass of water -Add whatever else will help you feel relaxed and centers such as relaxing music, incense, and lighting candles. 
Our energy tends to change and evolve as we move through life and letting go of unwanted energy is a vital process for the energy to grow and transform. Things that have been difficult, heavy, or hard to overcome, such as past incidents, relationship issues, heavy emotions and thoughts, investment a great deal of energy that does not support …