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Welcome to The Zen Wave Blog!

I have created this blog with the intention of exposing you to several mindfulness techniques that will help reduce some of your daily stress. From easy to follow meditations, positive affirmations, informational content, relaxing music, and much more... This is your virtual zen space!
I have dedicated my career helping children, adolescents, and adults find the healing they need to live a well-balanced life. Not only have I seen my client's lives improve but I have also experienced this transformation myself. By being exposed and integrating diverse mindfulness techniques I have chosen the path of working on my balance; work on my zen. Most importantly my intention is to share these techniques with everyone who crosses my path. 
Now take a deep breath by inhaling through your nose, expand your stomach, and your lungs as you inhale... Now exhale slowly through your mouth focusing on your breath... now repeat this process two more times... and have a zen day!
-Cristina Barcelo, MFT Ene…